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Computer and internet

​Students are provided with access to computers in a range of subjects and studies. Each student has their own log on code and password and is responsible for their own computer files. All students and parents are required to read, sign and return the Acceptable Use Agreement. Students who do not complete the agreement will not be able to access computers.

Teachers, parents and officials have the right to access and inspect the contents of student files and emails at anytime. Random audits of student files will be carried out regularly. Students found to be violating this policy or any law will receive the appropriate consequences in accordance with policy guidelines.

Student responsibilities

Students demonstrate their knowledge and application of the Information and communication technology acceptable use policy (ICT) by: 

  • Reading and signing the policy prior to using equipment and resources.

  •  Always using their own logon. 

  • Virus checking all ‘outside’ disks before use.

  • Reporting any damage, errors or faults with ICT resources to their teacher immediately.

  • Reporting accidental access to controversial, inappropriate or offensive material to their teacher.

  • Using their own print account and gaining teacher permission before printing any material.

  • Inappropriate use of computers.

Students are not permitted to:

  • Access, copy or distribute any material that is controversial, inappropriate, obscene or offensive. 

  • Download or install any software, violate copyright, intellectual property or licensing laws.

  • Send, transfer or create computer viruses. 

  • Access streaming media such as sounds, music, videos and games without teacher consent.

  • Access the control panel, system configuration, or make any changes to settings, passwords (other than their own).

  • Directly or indirectly access drives other than those allocated to them.

  • Seek access to files or messages intended for, or belonging to, others.

  • Directly or indirectly move, delete or modify any files (other than those in their personal drive).

  • Be involved with electronic or physical vandalism, harassment or bullying.

  • Use, manipulate or transmit photos of members of students or staff without their (and their teachers) prior approval.

  • Reveal their full name, personal address, phone number, or those of other students or staff in any electronic communications.

Consequences for breaching ICT acceptable use policy

Download ICT Policy for further information (85 KB)