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Located on the corner of Goldmine Road and Minka Lane, stage one of Ormeau Woods State High opened in January 2009 with 230 students in Years 8 and 9. In 2011 our stage two senior school facilities were opened to accommodate the 670 students in Years 8 to 11. In 2012 we will proudly saw our first cohort of Year 12 students graduate to coincide with the construction of stage three facilities. 

The school is a ‘state of the art’ facility and technology rich environment that is conscientiously progressing towards a ‘paperless’ learning environment. Ormeau Woods State High School is developing new and innovative approaches to education. Our students are part of a unique ‘new school’ experience which provides them with personal challenges and rewards in shaping our history. 

Our name

“Ormeau” is a french name meaning ‘young elm’.  It came from Ormeau House, the estate of Major A.J. Boyd, a sugar planter of the 1860s.  Major Boyd took the name from the birthplace of his wife, Isabella Dawson, ‘Ormeau Road’ a district on the outskirts of Belfast, Ireland.

The name “Woods” was chosen for three reasons.

  1. It is the collective noun for a group of trees (young elms – a reference to our students).
  2. The name is a link to the past.  Local Elders refer to ‘wallul jalia’ meaning ‘many trees’.
  3. The name also reflects our commitment to the environment ‘one of the most significant issues of the 21st Century’.

Our logo

The stylized logo is a deliberate departure from traditional school logos and reflects the concept of a ‘new school – new thinking’.  The eagle comes from ‘Mibbun’ meaning ‘wedge tailed eagle’.

The gold wing ‘O’ and tail ‘W’ are stylized representations of our name Ormeau Woods.  The blue wing ‘C’ represents the closeness of the Ormeau community.

Gold represents Goldmine Road and the area’s history of gold mining.

The eagle is flying upwards to signify our students’ lofty ambitions.