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Mission and values

Our mission

Our mission is to provide the highest quality teaching and learning experiences to enable all students to fulfil their aspirations!

Our underpinning beliefs

In achieving our mission we emphasise that:

  • Learning is natural; a love of learning is normal and real learning is passionate learning. 

  • An engaging curriculum is one which is personalised, values creativity and encourages excellence  

  • Teaching is about getting to know each child as an individual not just as a class member.

Our motto

'Linking Learning with Life'

Our motto reflects our commitment to a curriculum and learning environment that includes experiences outside the classroom and where there is a strong connection between the school, families and the community.

The motto also conveys that learning is a lively activity which engages students and teachers.

Our curriculum

Improving the teaching and learning in high schools requires all students to engage in challenging content that is related to real life experiences and that teachers structure curriculum activities to encourage student participation, conversation and leadership.

At Ormeau Woods State High School teaching and learning is:

  • Personalized

  • Intellectually Challenging and 

  • Connected to the Real World

Our school culture

We are committed to developing a school culture characterised by:
  • High expectations of staff and students 

  • Quality teaching and learning 

  • An engaging and intellectually stimulating curriculum 

  • A safe, welcoming environment where youth and adults communicate respectfully and fairly with one another 

  • Students feeling proud and a sense of belonging to their school community

  • Staff who enjoy their job!

Our staff

Good teachers are not just well oiled machines.  They are emotional, passionate beings who connect with their students and fill their work and their classes with pleasure, creativity, challenge and joy.

Ormeau Woods State High School is developing new and innovative approaches to education.  Our students are part of a unique experience which provides them with personal challenges and rewards. 

The teaching staff of Ormeau Woods State High School are valued for their expertise in curriculum and commitment to teaching as a career.  Through their enthusiasm and dedication they build positive relationships with each student, getting to know them as individuals.  They are dedicated professionals committed to supporting students to achieve their aspirations.