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Rules and policies

Assessment Policy 
Assessment is an integral part of the school curriculum and can take the form of assignments, projects, oral presentations, examinations, experiments, practical demonstrations and performances. 

Download the Assessment policy (PDF, 591 KB)   


The Education Act (2006) requires that students of compulsory school age must attend school until the completion of year 10 or until they turn 16 years of age, (whichever comes first).  

Download the Attendance policy (PDF, 611 KB)   

Emergency Evacuation Plan


Emergency evacuations are for a range of situation such as fire, bomb threats, chemical, civil disorder and the like. 

Download the Emergency evacuation plan (PDF, 1100 KB)   

Emergency Invacuation Plan


Continuous ascending chimes are the indication for all personnel to proceed to/remain inside school buildings, as there is an external-threatening situation. 

Download the Emergency invacuation plan (PDF, 355 KB)   

Enrolment Agreement


All members of Ormeau Woods State High School have rights and responsibilities they must undertake to ensure it is a productive environment in which to learn.  This Enrolment Agreement sets out the responsibilities of the students, parents and staff associated with Ormeau Woods State High School. 

Download the School enrolment management plan (PDF, 320 KB)

Download the School enrolment agreement (PDF, 562 KB) 

Download the School enrolment form (PDF, 264 KB)   

Gifted and Talented Policy

Students who are gifted excel, or are capable of excelling, in one or more areas such as general intelligence, specific academic studies, visual and performing arts, physical ability, creative thinking, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. Giftedness in a student is commonly characterised by an advanced pace of learning, quality of thinking or capability for remarkably high standards of performance compared to students of the same age.  


Information and Communication Technology Acceptable Use Agreement


Information and Communication Technology (ICT) includes computers, printers, scanners, digital cameras, Internet and email facilities, MP3’s and other associated electronic and mechanical hardware and software. This document outlines the responsibilities of the student whilst using this technology. 

Download the ICT acceptable use agreement (PDF, 562 KB) 


Bring your own device (BYOD) includes but is not limited to: laptop computers and handheld devices (iDevice's, smartphones, tablets). 

Download the Bring your own device agreement (PDF, 560 KB)   

Information and Communication Technology Policy


Information and Communication Technology (ICT) includes computers, printers, scanners, digital cameras, Internet and email facilities, MP3’s and other associated electronic and mechanical hardware and software. 

Download the ICT policy (PDF, 85 KB)   

Responsible Behaviour Process


The consequences of breaches of the stated standards of behaviour will be addressed through the school’s Responsible behaviour plan which incorporates the principles of natural justice, compliance with policies and practices of Education Queensland and legal requirements.   

Download the Responsible behaviour plan (PDF, 1576 KB)

Schoolwide Positive Behaviour Plan


Ormeau Woods State High School students have the right to receive a quality education.  The document above outlines the behaviour that is expected from each and every student that attends this school.   

Uniform and Appearance Policy


Ormeau Woods State High School is committed to providing a safe and supportive learning environment for all members of its community.  Wearing the uniform encourages all students to embrace the school’s values, take personal pride in their appearance, promotes a positive image of the school to our local community demonstrating that the school has high expectations of its students. 

Download the Uniform and appearance policy (PDF, 1929 KB) 


Download the Shoe and sock policy (PDF, 425 KB)   

Workplace Health and Safety Policy


Workplace Health and Safety is an important component of a safe and caring community. In a time of rapidly changing technology all school community members are responsible for conscientiously displaying safe work practices.  

Download the Workplace health and safety policy (PDF, 122 KB)