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Why choose our school?

When you ask a high school student what makes them want to go to school you will get answers that include good friends, good teachers, a good variety of subjects and good facilities. Ask them what makes a good school and you will hear a variety of answers from, cool teachers I can talk to and interesting classes that will help me get a good career, to personal safety and computers in my classrooms. 

At Ormeau Woods State High School staff, students and families work together as a team, building relationships as we work towards achieving quality learning outcomes for all.  Respect for self, each other, our school and the wider community are the guiding principles in developing our relationships.  All members of Ormeau Woods State High School have rights and responsibilities they must undertake to ensure it is a productive environment in which to learn.

Our curriculum offers a range of opportunities for students to develop skills and understandings that will equip them to make a successful transition from school to a rapidly changing adult society.  The curriculum provides opportunities for students to engage in learning that is purposeful, rigorous, personalised, and earns valued qualifications that are connected to the 'Real World'.

We offer a range of specialised subjects including: The Academy of Dance (formally iDance), Studio of Fine Art (SoFA), TEDex (Technology, Engineering and Design),   Digi X (Digital Media Excellence) and XL (Academic Excellence).  These programs are designed to provide pathways to success for both tertiary bound students and those desiring vocational qualifications.

More details are available in the excellence programs section of our website.