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Gifted students

​Optimizing every student’s opportunity to achieve their potential lies at the heart of Ormeau Woods State High School’s commitment to all students. The school seeks to create a learning environment that challenges and supports students to pursue excellence and develop a passion for lifelong learning.

This policy establishes our responsibility to ensure that gifted students are able to learn at a pace, depth and level of complexity that suits their abilities.

This can be achieved by adding breadth, depth or pace, depending on the task in hand. The best provision incorporates a balanced mix of these.

  • Breadth (sometimes called ‘enrichment’) involves the introduction of additional material beyond the core curriculum, enabling students to compare and contrast, to locate their learning in a wider context and to make connections between different areas of learning; it can result in a more complete understanding of the focus area. 

  • Depth (sometimes called ‘extension’) is achieved by asking students to delve deeper into a given subject or topic and may come as a result of working closely on one text/problem/artefact or by introducing additional knowledge/concepts/skills. Another way of introducing depth is to bring experts into the classroom; this will be of interest to the whole class, but perhaps some time could be spent with gifted and talented young people, developing high level skills or exploring more advanced concepts. 

  • Pace refers to speed in covering the curriculum and can result in achievement at a level exceptional for the age range. This is sometimes termed ‘acceleration’ and involves students moving ahead of their peers in the formal curriculum, often in one specific area, and often taking relevant exams earlier than their peers. This course of action requires careful planning, with due consideration for a student’s social and emotional needs.

Our Gifted and Talented Policy recognises students who are achieving, or have the potential to achieve, at a level significantly beyond their peer group.