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Guidance and Counselling Service​

Ormeau Woods State High School provides a Guidance and Counselling service for students and their parents/guardians and teachers.  The service enables students to successfully balance an increasingly broad and challenging range of educational and developmental issues that challenge them in their progress through high school. These issues can include career goals, parent-adolescent relationships, grief and loss, peer relationships as well as mental health concerns.   

Within the school the Guidance Officer works with other members of the Student Support team, administration and teaching staff for the benefit of the student.  The Guidance Officer can provide a service to individuals and groups as required.

Ormeau Woods currently provides the services of:

Alan Fraser (Janehn/Bundari/Zambuca)

Phillipa Proctor (Tintara/Roxinho/Yabara).

They are both highly qualified, each holding a Masters of Education in Guidance and Counselling.

The Guidance service includes:

1. Educational counselling/information 

  • Assist students to select subjects and courses appropriate to their interests.
  • Help in developing successful and effective study skills.
  • Help students and parents/guardians to interpret school assessment and provide information on Tertiary entry (OP scores/QCS test, Tertiary Rank Selection) and the QCE.

2. Personal counselling (students and parents /guardians)

  • Help students successfully resolve personal concerns which may adversely affect progress at school and home.

  • Enhance students coping skills with worrying or stressful situations during their adolescent years.
  • Enhance parents coping skills.

3. Career counselling

  • Help students obtain accurate, up-to-date information on careers, courses, school-based traineeships and apprenticeships, TAFE courses and private training organisations.
  • Tertiary pathways – Universities, Private Colleges.

How to make an appointment

Students can self refer by completing a green slip available at the student counter at Executive Services Building.  Parents/Guardians can make an appointment in person through the reception desk or by phoning the school on (07) 5540 9222.

School Based Youth Health Nurse and Youth Worker

Students also have access to a School-Based Youth Health Nurse and Youth Worker.

The Youth Health Nurse can assist students with;

  • Healthy eating and physical activity

  • Feeling unhappy or stressed

  • Relationships

  • Sexual Health

  • Smoking, alcohol and other drugs

  • Personal and family problems

  • Growth and development

Interactions with the Youth Health Nurse are on a voluntary basis and are confidential in nature.

The Youth Health Nurse works with students, school staff and parents to promote health and well-being and connect people with other support services.

Our Youth Health Nurse is available every Tuesday.

The Youth Worker can assist students with;

  • Relationships

  • Stress

  • Promoting well-being and coping strategies

  • Building resilience and positive well-being through workshops and programs

  • Resources and other support services

Engagement with the Youth Worker, Sam Fiaalii is on a voluntary basis.

​Referrals to the Youth Health Nurse and Youth worker can be made via self-referrals, a Green slip from the Student Counter or through school staff.​

​​​Health Hub Staff​ Contact

​Guidance Officer -Bundari/Janehn/Zambuca 
​Alan Fraser
​Guidance Officer -Roxinho/Tintara/Yabara 
​Phillippa Proctor
​Youth Worker
​​Sam Fiaalii
​Indigenous Liaison
​Shannon Solomona​

​Pastoral Carer​
Simon Pyle​
​Health Hub Support
Jade Orhan 


Last reviewed 24 August 2021
Last updated 24 August 2021