Excellence programs


‚ÄčOrmeau Woods State High School has a variety of Excellence Programs.

Academy of Dance Industries

If you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand - at the Academy of Dance Industries we believe in developing the mind of a whole person - inspiring our students to be prosperous as an individual, and hungry to learn. We shape meaningful values and expert skillsets - sustaining our industry through educating the youth in authentic learning experiences. Within AODI we work to develop cohesive, versatile and nuanced professionals who are diverse and prepared for a multifaceted career. As a developing individual, our mantra is to create infinite possibilities for the young adult, who enrol in top tier tertiary education, or delve directly into the industry of their choice. Here at Ormeau Woods SHS, AODI is for all - a place to flourish not only in dance, but in life.

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Digi X

Digi X is a multi-disciplinary approach to digital media creation that  utilises cutting edge software and production processes such as; video rotoscoping, 3D modelling, Photoshop, digital illustration, marketing, laser light technology and projection mapping.

The Digi X program is a Digital Media excellence program which exposes students from Years 7 to 11 to a wide range of digital media in a creative and dynamic environment.

The course aims to develop highly skilled, versatile digital students who are ready to advance to future career options in the 21st century digital world.

Applications for 2020 open in September.


Ormeau Woods State High School is committed to providing the best opportunities for students as we prepare them for their future. Part of this is our Visual Art excellence program at Ormeau Woods State High School, the Studio of Fine Art program.

As one of OWSHS's excellence programs, Studio of Fine Art (SoFA) gives students in  Years 7 - 12 an opportunity to engage in an enriched Fine Art course in a dynamic and creative environment.

This program runs as part of the regular timetable, and exposes students from Years 7 - 12 to a wide range of visual art media in a creative and dynamic environment. Their commitment to the SoFA program is of high priority and they will be expected to maintain a high standard of effort and behaviour in all their subjects to retain their position.


As one of OWSHS's excellence programs, TEDex gives students in Years 7 - 12 an opportunity to engage in an enriched Engineering and Design course in a dynamic technology rich environment.

Technology, Engineering and Design, by its nature, is an inquiry-based teaching strategy that promotes learning across various disciplines.

Engineering lessons and activities are designed to engage students in hands-on experiences in order to improve their understanding of fundamental concepts in a way that capitalises upon their design, visualization, creativity and teamwork skills.

  • Download TEDex application form for 2020 (PDF, 735KB)
  • Applications open 2nd September, 2019 and close 28th October, 2019.
  • Download TEDex flyer (PDF, 1254KB) 
  • For more information contact TEDex coordinator, Glen Armstrong -


Ormeau Woods State High School is excited to offer current Year 6 students the opportunity to be a member of the XL7 Class in 2020.

Our XL excellence program aims to develop creative, self-aware and independent young people through enriched, collaborative experiences within the classroom and community.

As a selective program, XL provides the opportunity for committed students to challenge themselves academically in a focused and supportive environment.

  • Download XL flyer/application form (PDF, 335 KB)
  • For further information contact the XL coordinator, Zoe Romano -
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Last updated 24 September 2019