Welcome to Ormeau Woods State High School, located in beautiful Queensland, Australia.

OWSHS offers many diverse and enriched programs, which provides all students with the opportunity to perform to the best of their ability and to develop their talents in our four pillars of:  Academic, Cultural, Sporting and Community service areas.

Some of these programs include: Academic Excellence, Business and Technology, Creative Arts Excellence and Dance Excellence. OWSHS has fully equipped facilities to accommodate all programs and students, such as a dance studio, multi-media studio, performing arts theatre, hospitality kitchens, engineering workshops and a creative industries studio, to name a few.

OWSHS currently has approximately 1350 students studying from Year 7 through to Year 12. International students have the opportunity to join one of the following programs:

Middle and Senior Schooling Graduate Program

Students can commence in Middle or Senior School and choose OP subjects which will enable them to qualify for University.  

University Pathway Program

Students can commence in Middle or Senior School and choose Non-OP subjects which will enable them to qualify for University through traineeships and certificate courses.

Study Abroad Program

Students have the opportunity to study in Australia for three months through to one year. It is a great way to improve their language skills and immerse themselves fully to experience the Australian culture and lifestyle.

Study Tour Program

International students have the opportunity to visit our school for 1 – 4 weeks and experience this wonderful cultural exchange. Study tour programs help students to gain a better understanding of Australian culture and lifestyle. It is beneficial if you wish to continue with further studies in Australia.

Your Stay at OWSHS

At OWSHS we believe in recognition and celebration of hard work, effort and high achievement in all areas of schooling. We are committed to creating valuable programs so that all students have a pleasant learning experience at OWSHS.

Whether you have chosen OWSHS to do the Senior Schooling/University Preparation Program, the University Pathways Program or the Study Abroad Program, you will find these programs to be rewarding.

You will have the opportunity at OWSHS to strengthen your English language skills through everyday experiences, become familiar with the Australian culture and way of life, and have the option of gaining credit in your home country for your school studies.

On your arrival you will attend Orientation Sessions and be introduced to International Mentors who will assist you with your integration into the school. We have an International Department with full time staff to assist you during your stay.

We are pleased that you have chosen, or are considering OWSHS for your international schooling experience. Queensland is a multi-cultural society and encourages international visitors to come and stay here. Our teachers and staff are committed to helping you throughout your stay.

Please feel welcome to contact us for assistance if you have any questions, concerns or comments. We believe that our school will provide you with an enjoyable learning experience.


CRICOS Provider: The Department of Education trading as Education Queensland International (EQI) CRICOS Provider Number 00608A.

Last reviewed 11 November 2019
Last updated 11 November 2019